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-Yes. We're a Family! And we're happy you are part of it.

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Zion team

TIU-Zion Team

We are fortunate to have the best team working at Zion School. As a team we are committed to serving Jesus by raising a well-rounded generation.

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Could we ever be happier to have the best students in the world? We don't think so! We love our students, we are so proud to see their smiles every day. 

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We make the best team with parents; we build together, we work together, we create together. What happens is that we have the same mission! 

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Zion graduates club

TIU-Zion Graduates Club

Once a Zion, always a Zion!. We love to see our graduates be their best ones, succeed, and fulfill their purpose. But what we love most is to see them visiting us and being part of our events and projects.

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Service is in our blood, Jesus is the best example of service so we imitate him. We serve God and we serve people.

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Zion Team application

TIU- Zion Team Applicati

Would you like to be part of our team? We would be happy to have you as part of our team. We invite you to apply:

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